Secure Document Sharing & Virtual Data Room Solutions

Georgia Bio has chosen ShareVault as its official virtual data room provider. ShareVault offers secure, cloud-based document sharing solutions, also known as virtual data rooms, that are frequently used by organizations of all types to securely share highly confidential documents with outside parties.  In contrast to consumer-grade file sharing services, ShareVault allows organizations to easily share documents with third parties, while monitoring access and maintaining control.

Member Benefits:

  • Minimum 25% discount on ShareVault's primary products
  • Minimum 30% savings off the standard pricing of ShareVault for SharePoint
  • At least 5% additional discount on subscriptions with terms of two or more years
  • eCTD tag structure available at no cost
  • Creation of document index available at no cost
  • Migration services from existing VDRs at no cost
  • Assistance with high-performance uploads at no cost

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Jonas Ekblom, CEO, ProMore Pharma

"During the last 5 years we’ve used ShareVault to securely share sensitive clinical development data with investors and corporate partners on a global basis. ShareVault is more intuitive and user-friendly than other platforms and the technology performs well over a wide range of operating systems, browsers and security barriers. We’ve also found it invaluable to be able to monitor data room activity (down to the page level) of individual users, informing us on the interest level of our clients and allowing us to have constructive follow-up discussions."

Lew Bender, CEO, Intensity Therapeutics

"At Intensity Therapeutics we use ShareVault to control the dissemination of our confidential information to potential investors and pharmaceutical companies conducting due diligence on our company. The platform is reliable and easy to set up. ShareVault provides our potential partners and investors with an organized repository of the information they need to make informed decisions. ShareVault's advanced reporting tools allow us to see which files have been viewed, when and by whom, providing us with an understanding of the areas that are of interest to various groups. Using ShareVault has allowed us to share our sensitive information professionally."

Sandy Weber, CSO, Industry Weapon

"We use ShareVault as a central corporate repository as we move away from paper files. ShareVault mimics a paper file system with folders and subfolders, etc., but with advanced security features. ShareVault also makes it easy to share files with outside parties, such as an auditor or a bank. We just assign the appropriate permissions, drop the documents in, and we’re done. There’s no craziness dealing with encrypted files and passwords and all that messiness. ShareVault also makes it easy to revoke access to files when that party no longer has a need to see them. That gives us the peace of mind that our documents are always under our control."