Electronic Quality Management System Solutions
& Computer System Validation Services

PSC has extended its service offerings for all Professional Services, so GaBio members will receive the 10% discount for all consulting services, including but not limited to, Regulatory Affairs, Technical Writing, Calibration, Quality, and Engineering services. PSC also has a Limited Winter Promotion for ACE Essentials™, where we are discounting the system initialization fee for GaBio members by 50%, amounting to a $9,500 savings.

PSC Biotech (“PSC”) provides discounts on electronic quality and inspection management software solutions that enable life science companies to efficiently deliver their products to regulated industries through: Adaptive Compliance Engine® (ACETM), ACE Essentials and AuditUtopia®. PSC Biotech provides customized solutions for computer systems validation (implementation, data migration, training, and development of custom features). Through the BIO Business solutions Program, Georgia Bio members can get discounts on PSC Biotech's software solutions.

Member Benefits:

  • 10% discount on configuration of custom workflows, PQ validation of ACE® software systems, Implement Management and migration of software systems, data migration and development of new, custom ACE™ features.
  • 15% discount on the Initialization Fee  for PSC Software™ such as the Adaptive Compliance Engine® (ACE™), ACE Essentials™, AuditUtopia®, user subscription licenses include the hosting, cloud storage, technical support, and upgrades to future versions of ACE™.
  • 45-day free trial of ACE™
  • 45-day free trial of AuditUtopia®
  • PSC Software™ integrates with Microsoft Office 365 with Adaptive Compliance Engine® (ACE®) version 3.5.0

See the Savings!

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