Influencing Policy to Advance Georgia's Ecosystem

Advocacy Goals


Strengthening Innovation Districts and Regional Clusters


Improving Health Globally


Enhancing Workforce Development Initiatives


Improving Patient Care


Increase Access to R&D and Venture Capital Funding

Become an Advocate

A respected voice at the State Capitol, Georgia Bio has been successful in working collaboratively to pass legislation that is positive to the industry while working to defeat proposals that would be detrimental to the life science industry in Georgia. Georgia Bio staff working at the federal, state and local levels interact with relevant elected and appointed officials and other industry groups for the best interests of member companies.

Georgia Bio conducts programs, provides leadership and advocates for life science companies across Georgia that are critical to improving patient care, improving health globally, and to the economic growth of our state. Georgia Bio identifies opportunities to bring together the various stakeholders in our community to work cooperatively with industry to develop a shared vision, a set of goals, and recommendations for strategies that will support and enhance Georgia's bioeconomy.

Policy Priorities

Georgia continues to have a strong research base, but must actively work to create a supportive environment that enables entrepreneurs and companies to convert innovative ideas into marketable new products, services, and jobs.

Policy & Advocacy Committee Members