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The Emerging Leaders Network (ELN), a division of Georgia Bio (GaBio), is devoted to promoting networking between emerging and established professionals within the Georgia Life Sciences Community. ELN’s programs are designed to facilitate the growth and development of Georgia based biotechnology academic institutions, industries and service providers. A goal of ELN is to retain and cultivate locally educated talent, as well as to welcome and integrate new members to the Georgia Biotechnology Community. In pursuit of these goals, ELN provides opportunities for developing industry contacts, mentoring, and career enhancement through a variety of programs.

ELN was created to serve all life sciences professionals – current and future – who seek to develop professional networks and contacts in Georgia. Many of these people are new to Georgia, or new to the field, and ELN facilitates connecting people with similar interests and goals.

The Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) offers young professionals and graduate students who are interested in life sciences the opportunity to:

  • Connect with each other, as well as with established professionals
  • Engage in learning opportunities that provide exposure to both leading scientists and business experts
  • Emerge into the leaders of tomorrow

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Become a member of ELN today and begin building lasting relationships with your peers and Georgia’s life sciences professionals. Remember: Joining ELN is easy, and it doesn’t cost a thing! Email eln@gabio.org with your first and last name, affiliation and email address. We’ll add you to our contact list and notify you of future ELN events and activities.

ELN Programming

Industry Tours

The ELN Industry tours offer a chance for ELN members to learn about Georgia biotechnology companies. The ELN Industry Tours program provides an opportunity for members to gain a greater understanding of Georgia based life science and biotech companies. Participating in a tour is a great way to explore various career opportunities, both on the research side and the business side of the life sciences industry. Tours are typically 1-2 hours and consist of a company presentation and facility visit. Check out our calendar for the next small dinner!

Small Group Dinner Series

The ELN Small Group Dinner Series is where we invite a Life Science Industry professional to dinner. As our invited guest they explain his/her career path, trends in the industry, and best practices for career searches. The dinner series is a great chance to network with industry professionals in a small setting of about 8 people. Check out our calendar for the next small dinner!

Career Symposiums

The Georgia Bio Emerging Leaders Network has organized a series of networking and panel events focused on raising awareness of career paths that exist in life sciences for individuals with advanced degrees. These programs will bring together experts across a wide range of disciplines and functional areas within the life science industry. Panelists will detail their roles and provide a rich context for the audience to gain a clear understanding of the skills, aptitudes, competencies, and personalities that thrive in their particular functions. Check out our calendar for the next symposium!

Georgia Bioscience & Digital Health Career Fair

The Georgia Bioscience & Digital Health Career Fair is designed to match advanced degree job seekers with top employers in the biotech, pharmaceutical, R&D, medical device, and digital health industries. Attendees include Masters students, recent and soon-to-be PhD students, Postdoctoral students, as well as experienced individuals looking to take the next steps in their careers. The fair is typically held every April. Find out more here.

Georgia Bio is proud to initiate its first mentor program this fall! Georgia Bio has a vested interest in building up young professionals in the life sciences community in the state of Georgia to empower the next generation of leaders. Mentorship serves as a key component of accomplishing this goal, and Georgia has no shortage of leaders in life sciences that can serve as excellent mentors. As part of this program, we will not only be linking mentees with mentors in areas they are interested in, but also equipping mentees with professional skills through virtual professional development sessions prior to pairing mentors and mentees.

ELN Leadership 2020

ELN Bowling


Brianna Galbreath

Georgia State University


Brian Jurgielewicz

University of Georgia


JoAnna Pendergrass

JPen Communications

Marketing Chair

Jada Selma

Georgia Institute of Technology

Liasion Coordinator

Caroline Williams

Georgia State University

ELN Ambassador Coordinator

Alexa Morse

Global Center for Medical Innovation


Industry Tours Co-Managers

Darian Williams

Emory University

OPEN Position

Small Group Dinner Series Co-Managers

OPEN Position

OPEN Position

Career Development Co-Managers

Aneseh Adeshirlarijaney

Georgia State University

Jiarong Zhong

Georgia State University

Jiahui Zhang

Emory University

Academic Liasions

Augusta University Liaison

Sai Kodeboyina

Kasey Belanger

Emory Liasisons

B.R. Achyut


Georgia State Liaison

Latika Luthra


Georgia Tech Liaison

S'Dravious DeVeaux

Leah Anderson

Kennesaw State Liaison

Kay Butts

Ashley McDonald

Mercer University Liaison

Ashley Mercier


Morehouse Liaison

Sha'kayla Nunez


UGA Liaisons

Leah Helton


ELN Advisors

Tim Denning Ph.D

Georgia State University
(Career Development)

Brian Giles Ph.D.

Thomas Horstemeyer, LLP
(Career Development)

Kevin Murnane, Ph.D.

Mercer University (Core Events)