Research Solutions provides simplified and lowest cost access to the latest scientific literature through its popular SaaS research platform Article Galaxy.

Research Solutions / Reprints Desk (NASDAQ: RSSS) simplifies how R&D organizations access scientific literature, such as peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, patents, and other content. More than 70 percent of the top pharmaceutical companies, prestigious universities, and emerging life science businesses rely on Article Galaxy, Research Solution’s cloud-based SaaS platform, for simplified and lowest cost access to the latest scientific content, including Open Access content and subscription holdings.

Member Benefits:

  • 15% off annual subscription for Article Galaxy document retrieval
  • 14-day, risk free enterprise trial with no commitment
  • On-demand access to 70M+ journal articles across major publishers
  • Full-text PDFs delivered to your inbox within minutes, 24/7
  • Efficient single or bulk article orders in less than a minute
  • Access at the point of discovery on 70+ popular search tools
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