RTTI 4.0 (our 4th year!) launches in October 2022. We offer hands-on, immersive science teacher professional development for rural Georgia teachers. Curriculum is built to highlight and leverage the biotechnology that exists within traditional science courses, including biology and AP biology, chemistry and AP chemistry, physics, environmental biology, agriculture and horticulture, physical science, and life science.

RTTI 4.0 will have a Fall Training series followed by Spring Training Series. The Fall Series is virtual, live, hands-on, and will take place over four, two-hour sessions. Participants will be sent supplies to engage and practice during each session.

The Spring Training Series will be in-person, hands-on, and take place over one and a half days. Trainings will be held regionally, in northwest (Canton) and middle Georgia (Warner Robbins).

Participants have time to plan and prepare to implement one of the labs from the training within the school year to either enhance a current lesson or replace a less effective lesson. Participants leave the training with a lesson plan as well as a plan with CGHI to receive materials necessary for successful implementation.


Biotech Industry Insights

We are excited to offer a "Level 2" experience for RTTI Alumni. This professional development for high school biotechnology teachers in Georgia provide insight into the departments and roles within biotech companies, understanding of good manufacturing practices (GMP) and good documentation practices (GDP), and takes participants onsite to see application of such practices in industry.  

The two-day consecutive experience will take place on January 19th and 20th, consisting of lecture, simulation, and fieldtrip on day 1. Day 2 follows with an introduction and experience of the BACE, including set-up and administration of the exam, as well as an opportunity for participants to take the exam and earn the credential. 

 Training Location: Athens Technical College 


For more information on the upcoming round of RTTI, contact Program Director, Kristin Boscan at kboscan@cghi.org

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Ways for Industry to Get Involved

Share Your Hiring Needs

Provide a list of skills your company looks for when hiring entry-level employees. We would prefer a list of science skills, but would also like to know about the top soft skills that your company needs. Entry-level job descriptions would be helpful. Your contributions will drive the training curriculum.

Donate Materials

The Equipment Depot can take in any equipment or unused disposable items that your business would otherwise throw away. The disposable items can be outside of their expiration date, if applicable. We will in turn donate these materials to the teachers, so that they can be used in their classrooms. If there are larger pieces of equipment (freezers, incubators, centrifuges, etc), we can notify teachers to schedule pickup with your company. Check out our wish list here!