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Industry and Education partnering for Access, Opportunity, Impact 

About the Program


Who is a Visiting Scientist?

If you are involved in any area of a life sciences/STEM based company you can sign up to be a visiting
scientist. Anyone across industry who wants to inform the next generation of scientists is welcome!

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Why Participate?

Supporting local biotechnology programs can mean
the difference between a laggingUS STEM workforceor
a future where access and opportunity become
tomorrow’s innovations. Through this program we can
bring awareness to a vast array of career paths that
many students have never been exposed to before!

"All students, not just those destined for a scientific,
technical, or health-related career, can benefit from
the skills that science education can provide—such as
critical thinking, data analysis, working in teams, and
oral and written communication. The need for scientists
to share their unique skills and understanding with their
own local school or school system has also never been
more pressing.”

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Preparing for a Visit


Important items to prepare for signing up:

  • Class Information – What is your
    school and school district, how many
    students will participate, what is your
    class subject and grade level
  • Speaker Subjects– What topics are
    you interested in having a visiting
    scientist speak to your class about i.e.
    drug development, rare diseases etc.
  • Visit Logistics – What days and times
    does your class meet, how many
    visiting scientist sessions would you
    like to have

Visiting Scientists

Important topics to cover for your visit:

  • Relevant Information – What do you
    do, what is the basic science behind
    what you do and what is the impact
    on society
  • Background – What is your
    education, did you always want to do
    what you do, what challenges did you
    overcome to achieve your goals
  • What’s Next – Ask the students lots of
    questions about their interests and
    their goals for the future

Sign Up Today!

Take advantage of the chance to bring career awareness to a new generation of life sciences workers.