Georgia Bio and Brex Partner to Enhance Member Benefits

Exciting news for Georgia Bio members! The Georgia Bio Brex program, established through our partnership with BIO, has been expanded to provide even greater benefits for your organization. On top of the existing corporate credit card with its industry-specific rewards, members can now access savings on business accounts, spend management software, and travel management solutions.

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Enhanced Benefits at a Glance

  • High-Yield Business Accounts: Enjoy industry-leading yields, effortless wire transfers, and global ACH capabilities with your Brex business account. Brex partner banks offer a competitive 4.92% APY with same-day liquidity, all FDIC-insured up to $6 million. Additionally, you can make free bill payments, international ACH transfers, issue checks, and send wires. Brex accounts can even accommodate up to 240 unique account numbers.
  • Scalable Spend Management: Brex’s advanced spend management system empowers you to manage your company’s spending and close the books in real-time. Features include:
    • Budgets with automated enforcement of spending policies
    • Streamlined employee reimbursements with advanced approval workflows
    • Customizable approval processes to automate in-policy spending approvals
    • Global reimbursements in local currencies and accounts
    • Automatic receipt generation, eliminating the need for manual receipt collection and expense reports
    • Integration with thousands of tools to streamline workflows
  • Comprehensive Travel & Expense Management: Simplify travel and group event management with a unified solution encompassing travel booking, event coordination, expense tracking, corporate cards, and reimbursements. Brex’s travel and expense features include:
    • Consolidated booking for flights, hotels, and car rentals
    • Integrated travel policy enforcement
    • Access to a vast, unbiased global travel inventory
    • Pre-negotiated discounts
    • Tools to achieve 100% travel program adoption within your organization

Georgia Bio’s commitment to empowering its members is stronger than ever. With the enhanced Brex program, you can streamline financial processes, gain real-time insights into spending, and optimize travel management, all while earning industry-leading returns on your business accounts.