Steven Damon

Steve DAmon

Chief Executive Officer, Micron Biomedical

Mr. Damon has over 30 years of experience with various business roles in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Steven most recently served as Vice President, Business and Commercial Development for Femasys Inc. where he attained banking and investor relationships that led to ~ $60M in financing, secured strategic partnerships, led sales and marketing, developed the business plan and supported the clinical development for FemBloc the company’s key asset.

Steven founded 4P Therapeutics in 2011 serving as the President and CEO. He sold to Nutriband Inc. in 2018. 4P Therapeutics had established partnerships with Astra Zeneca, Pain Therapeutics, Kimberly-Clark, Halyard Health and many others involved in the research and development of novel transdermal products. Steven was the principle inventor of an abuse deterrent technology for transdermal delivery of narcotics. Nutriband continues to develop the technology and related products.

Before founding 4P Therapeutics, Steven led partnership and funding efforts at Altea Therapeutics as the company’s Senior Vice President of Business and Corporate Development.

Prior to joining Altea Therapeutics, Steven Damon was a member of the executive management team at Durect Corporation in Cupertino, Ca, where he served as Executive Director for Business and Corporate Development.

Steven was also the founder and President of Absorbable Polymers International.

He was a senior management member of the Professional Health Care team at Kimberly-Clark Corporation, with lead responsibilities for commercial development of the healthcare business in Europe and lead responsibilities for a number of major bolt on acquisitions.

Steven serves on the Board of Directors for Temple Therapeutics, Nutriband Inc., Micron and Georgia BIO.  He also serves as a mentor for the Georgia Tech and Emory TiGER program.  Steven has maintained Business and Corporate Development consultant/advisory roles throughout his career including supporting the sale of Map Pharmaceuticals to Allergan. Steven is a minor investor in several early stage companies.