What’s Hot and What’s Not in Oncology Licensing in 2020?

Cancer is the biggest therapeutic area for licensing deals. But there are almost 3,000 drugs in Phase 1 through Phase 3, so competition for licensing deals and for market position is huge. Checkpoint inhibitors have benefits in most tumors and have made combination trials an industry standard. But everything in immuno-oncology has become so crowded that differentiation is key. So what are the areas everyone is seeking?

About 6% of Phase 1 trials in oncology are targets with no drugs in higher phases. What are these new targets? What is promising for tough tumors like pancreatic and microsatellite stable colorectal? What is promising in addressing resistance? Are there new theories of cancer? Are bispecifics becoming plug and play? Will they displace CART? What is coming around the corner? Is there still room for a new therapeutic in anti-angiogenesis, supportive care? Is pricing pressure going to change what is an acceptable oncology asset for a deal? What does it take to get a cancer licensing deal done?

In this white paper, based on our February 13th panel discussion, Linda Pullan, PhD of Pullan Consulting and our panel of experts provide insights in oncology and immuno-oncology to answer these questions, as well as questions from the audience.

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