What are the top things new life science innovators need to know? Decorated cardiology researcher and innovator Dr. Richard Hillstead tells us.

Dr. Richard Hillstead is both a medtech innovator and a fellow in the American Heart Association on the Council of Clinical Cardiology. He has practiced on the front lines of patient care and life science innovation for decades.

Dr. Hillstead, a recipient of a 2019 Industry Growth Award, Georgia Bio’s highest honor, spoke with Write2Market President Jean-Luc VanHulst at the 2019 Golden Helix Awards Gala about life science innovation including advice for entrepreneurs about to embark on development of their own, first medical device or product.

“There’s very little chance that the product you go to market with will look like the product that you envisioned from the beginning,” he says. “[The biggest mistake] would be underestimating the time and resources necessary to get your product to market.”

Watch the first in our quick, four part interview with Dr. Hillstead.


We thank Dr. Hillstead for his time and his contributions to the Georgia life sciences community.

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