Southeast Life Sciences Announces Award Winners and PitchRounds Winners for the first AdvanSE Life Sciences Conference

On the closing day of the first annual Southeast Life Sciences conference, the AdvanSE Life Sciences Conference, we want to congratulation the winners of our awards and PitchRounds.

Southeast Life Sciences awards include awards for best initial funding, best venture funding, best strategic partnership, best M&A, and best IPO. The winners of these are as follows. These awards go back more than a decade from both Southeast BIO and the Southeast Medical Device Association prior to the merger. Some of the biggest success stories from the southeast have been included in these awards and we expect the same big things with our winners this year!

  • For best Initial Funding (seed or angel), the winner is Acclinate Genetics, from Huntsville, Alabama.
  • For best Venture Funding (>$1mm from institutional investors), the winner is Embody Inc., from Norfolk, VA
  • For best Strategic Partnership, the winner is SiO2, of Auburn, Alabama
  • For best M&A, the award goes to AskBio, from RTP, NC, which was acquired by Bayer AG.
  • For best IPO, the award goes to Shattuck Labs, from Durham, NC and Austin, TX

SE PitchRounds this year took in more than 70 applications from across the region for only 22 slots. These 20 companies represented the most exciting technologies and some of the most experienced entrepreneurs in the region. From the initial 22, we selected four finalists that presented on the closing day of the conference. The finalists were Embody, Inc., MoterumHeamGen, and Stuart Therapeutics.

The winners from the bipharma/diagnostic group was Stuart Therapeutics.

The winner from  the medtech/digital group was Embody, Inc.

Congratulations to Everyone!

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