New enzyme to advance surgical device cleaning

Novozymes today announced the launch of a unique and advanced enzyme solution for cleaning surgical instruments and devices – Remify Everis 100 L. Preventing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) has become more important than ever also with the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only can these result in death, but also in significant costs and loss of reputation for hospitals. It is well-recognized by the industry that inadequately cleaned surgical equipment is a key source of HAIs.

“The current cleaning processes used for medical devices, including multiuse endoscopes and surgical instruments, do not always guarantee that instruments are free of contamination. The formulation of the detergent used is crucial in effectiveness,” says Rene Garza, Novozymes’ Vice President for Household Care Americas. “Remify Everis 100 L is a unique and patented phosphodiesterase (PDE) – a nuclease – that removes free DNA soils. It has never been possible to specifically target these with detergent ingredients before.” 

Remify Everis 100 L represents a brand-new enzyme class for detergents that can be used to help prevent HAIs. The technology is only available from Novozymes and is the first as part of a new product portfolio for medical device cleaning that the company will launch later this year. 

Proven performance 

Novozymes has invested significantly in research into the performance of its new technology and the results have shown that detergents, optimized by using Remify Everis 100 L, one of the company’s most advanced enzymes, provide better cleaning performance at the right dosages, removing stuck-on soils quicker and with less effort. 

“With appropriate use of Remify Everis 100 L, healthcare organizations can improve patient outcomes by reducing the risk of HAIs. Other benefits are improved rewash rates and decreased operational costs,” adds Rene Garza.

With demand for effective hygiene products at an all-time high, the launch of Novozymes’ Remify Everis 100 L provides detergent manufacturers with a new option to satisfy customer requirements. Novozymes anticipates that the product will play a significant role in medical device cleaning in the future.  

More information on Remify Everis 100 L can be found here.

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