New BIOSECURE bill “reinforces the national security imperative of the biotechnology industry”

May 9, 2024

Source: BIO

House lawmakers today unveiled a new draft of the BIOSECURE Act. Shortly after, BIO President and CEO, John F. Crowley, made the following statement:

“The BIOSECURE bill released in the House today reinforces the national security imperative of the biotechnology industry as a critical strategic asset of the United States of America. It highlights a key vulnerability in our global supply chain and importantly provides a reasonable timeframe for companies to decouple their reliance on China-based biomanufacturing. It ensures during this transition that important biomedical research will not be slowed and that patients will have unimpeded access to life saving medicines.

“BIO applauds this work and supports this BIOSECURE legislation. On behalf of our member companies and the patients we represent and serve, BIO thanks the bill sponsors and the Committees for taking into consideration the findings of our recently released survey on key elements of the global supply chain.

“We will continue work with lawmakers on future policies that promote the U.S. as the global leader in biotechnology and as the medicine chest of the world. We look forward to advancing the extraordinary and coordinated policies and programs necessary to redomicile all key parts of the global biopharmaceutical supply chain here in the U.S. for the benefit of the American public and for the entire world.”