Online Marketplace for Outsourced Scientific Research Services

Georgia Bio has partnered with, the world’s largest and most experienced online marketplace for outsourced scientific services and products. The marketplace simplifies research sourcing by saving time and money and providing easy access to innovative tools and technologies - while maintaining full compliance with an organization’s procurement policies. Through the BIO Business Solutions® Program, Georgia Bio members can expect cost-savings on a marketplace with thousands of pre-qualified suppliers providing custom research services and products.

Benefits of a Marketplace include:

  • Receive competitive price quotes from multiple suppliers
  • Free access - there are no setup, subscription, or user fees of any type
  • Access to the world’s largest commercial CRO network - 3,000+ prequalified, registered suppliers
  • Vendor consolidation - all contracting and billing managed by
  • Choose from over 4,000+ research areas, including:
    • Human Biological Samples
    • Next Gen Sequencing
    • Custom Antibodies
    • and thousands more
  • Quick turnaround times on all orders
  • No minimum order required
  • Access to the latest scientific innovations on the Innovation Hub™
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See the Savings!

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Want to take advantage of these discounts?

For initial inquiries, contact or contact
Tristan Cook-Ziegler with directly at or 414.517.7371.
To sign up, visit

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Scientist

"Because my preferred vendor was already in the network, I was able to order without the usual 2- to 3-month legal delay."

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Scientist

“’s Research Concierge found a key technology in 3 days that I had spent 6 months searching for unsuccessfully.” User

“Trustful ordering of human tissues or cells from approved vendors makes my life much easier.”