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Georgia Bio’s partner Pain Care Labs provides discounts on Buzzy®  Needle Pain solutions that enable life science companies to increase trial recruitment and improve the patient clinical trial experience. 28% of adults and 63% of children fear needles, impacting trial participation and vaccination adherence. Don’t let needle fear impact your clinical trial enrollment. Buzzy is the only clinically proven needle fear solution that has already blocked pain from 35MM needle procedures. Award-winning Buzzy is a small palm-sized device that controls pain on contact using a patented combination of mechanical stimulation and ice to desensitize nerves.

Buzzy is FDA registered 510(k) cleared and is a medication-agnostic (non-combination product) solution that is trusted by CROs, pharmaceutical companies, and medical facilities to reduce site reactions and improve adherence.

  • Reduces needle pain 85% in adults, 75% pediatrics
  • 50 RCT, 3 meta-analyses, 1 systematic review
  • In use in more than 5,000 hospitals and clinics
  • CE-marked, distributors in 27 countries
  • Recommended in National Guidelines to improve Bicillin adherence

Member Benefits:

Georgia BIO members receive a 10% discount on orders. Whether purchasing Buzzy Healthcare units for the clinical site or personal units for each patient involved, Buzzy Helps. Use for PK studies, injections, reducing site reactions, improving adherence, infusions, subcutaneous, IM, finger sticks, blood draws and more.

  • 10% discount on Buzzy units
  • Available in XL or Mini Sizes
  • Three design options - Buzzy Striped Bee, Lady Buzz, and Black
  • Purchases include staff training and implementation support
  • Ask about our additional accessories
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Want to take advantage of these discounts?

Contact Nicole O’Brien at nobrien@paincarelabs.com or 877-805-2899 x702
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