Webinar: Keys to BioPharma M&A Success

Nov 08, 2019 2:00PM—3:00PM

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Over the first half of 2019, a staggering $170B has been pledged to biopharma buyout activities, an amount that exceeds the total deal spend of the last three years combined.

With the increasing complexity and frequency of biopharma M&A transactions, how do you ensure that synergy targets are met or exceeded? What are some of the key success factors, and what are some of the biggest ‘real-world’ pitfalls and watch-outs to address?

In this panel we will be exploring these topics with highly experienced “roll-up-the sleeves” executives who have succeeded in M&A where others have failed. Please send your questions in advance, as this engaging talk promises to offer tangible lessons learned and takeaways.