Sérgio Mascarenhas Symposium

May 04, 2022

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The “Sérgio Mascarenhas Symposium” is an event designed to honor the scientist, physicist and professor Sérgio Mascarenhas, celebrating at a high scientific level the trajectory of his research and innovations.

Among all his discoveries, an unexpected disease, hydrocephalus, challenged him to study and propose a disruptive concept. The bones that compose the cranium perform micromovements that can be captured non-invasively to monitor variations in intracranial pressure, thus avoiding the need to drill the skull – then the only way to measure intracranial pressure. So, using his own field of knowledge and a lot of creativity, he studied and developed a sensor prototype that monitors, in a non-invasive way, the intracranial pressure. From this prototype, the first wired sensor for non-invasive monitoring of intracranial pressure was developed, evolving to the current wireless model, approved by ANVISA and FDA cleared.

The intracranial pressure pulse morphology captured by this new invention opened significant perspectives for a better understanding of intracranial variables, such as the correlation of the devices’s surrogate ICP pulse morphology with invasive intracranial pressure’s P1 and P2 peaks, parameters extensively present in literature.

The highlight of the event are the state of the art advances in the field of intracranial pressure derived from patients with the most diverse neurological disorders, as well as studies that support the concepts necessary for the continuity of scientific discoveries. The latter have their foundation in Professor Sérgio Mascarenhas’ innate restlessness, a fascinating personality and passionate human being who was always ahead of his own time.

The symposium will have the presence of renowned scientists from Brazil, USA and Europe, who will share recent studies in obtaining better diagnostic results for intracranial pressure monitoring and management, an extremely important vital sign that can better inform patient care, save lives and improving health.