PSC Biotech: How to Select an eQMS for the Medical Device Industry Webinar

Apr 01, 2021 10:00AM


BioForward Wisconsin, BioKansas, BioOhio, Bio Nebraska, iBIO, Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF), MichBio, Missouri Biotechnology Association (MOBIO), South Dakota Biotech, and PSC Biotech’s joint webinar, “How to Select an eQMS for the Medical Device Industry”, goes live on 4/1/21 at 9AM (CST). This webinar provides guidance on how to select an eQMS and goes over the benefits of Quality Management Systems for Medical Device Companies.

Items discussed:
-Pain Points of Startup Medical Device Companies
-Medical Device Regulations
-How to Build Out a Successful QMS for a Startup
-Electronic Quality Management Systems
-Benefits of an eQMS