NCPP Patent Pipeline to Diversity for Agents & Technical Specialists

Sep 23, 2021 12:00PM—2:00PM

For far too long the patent industry has overlooked the intrinsic value of employing diverse patent professionals and leveraging the use of Patent Agents as a means to foster diversity within the industry.

However, when these two factors are combined, the patent profession has a unique opportunity to cost effectively increase diversity and opportunities for diverse candidates within the profession.

Join us on Sept. 23rd from 12pm-2pm EST as we launch the first-ever Patent Pipeline to Diversity for Agents & Technical Specialists event.

Attendees will be a part of our official launch of the Patent Pipeline Program (PPP) for Patent Agents hosted by Facebook in partnership with the National Council on Patent Practicum (NCPP). The goal of the program is to increase the number of women and minorities in the patent profession, while continuing to foster relationships with outside counsel that have placed diversity efforts high on their priority list. To achieve these goals, the program will oversee the training, development, and career opportunities of diverse candidates.