MichBIO hosts: IT Capabilities and Data Security Concerns for Remote Teams

Jun 25, 2020 12:00PM—1:30PM




Successful flex-work arrangements rely on managers knowing how to engage with remote teams, and infrastructure that makes it possible for employees to complete their work at home with minimal frustration, lost productivity, or risk of data loss or theft.

Hear from IT, telehealth, and lab professionals who can provide insight on:

  • The data processing requirements for remote lab work analysis
  • IT security measures that companies should consider when setting up remote teams
  • Best practices in data security when dealing with PHI and other protected or proprietary information

Additionally this panel will discuss IT and infrastructure considerations for diverse teams with varying degrees of comfort with technology and access to equipment and internet.

Denise Anthony, PhD, University of Michigan
Montana Arble, NSF International
Nancy Cole, NSF International
Carly Czech, Xfer
Brandon Hartke, Xfer
Mike Liccardo, ShareVault

Diane Bouis, PhD, University of Michigan