Life Science Nation Entrepreneurial Education Program

May 15, 2023 9:00AM—4:00PM


Midtown Atlanta location TBC

Cost 30


CGHI: Georgia Bio is excited to welcome Life Science Nation (LSN) to Atlanta May 15 where they will be delivering an Entrepreneurial Education Workshop for life science companies. This one-day educational course for a group of Georgia fundraising startups.

LSN is powered by Biotechgate & Venture Valuation; and facilitates the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conferences that spark early-stage deals in across drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health that save lives and change the world through healthcare innovation.

This LSN one-day education course will be hosted by LSN’s CEO, Dennis Ford, and Business Development Manager, Candice He, and will feature three lectures (9-11:30am) and 1 on 1 coaching sessions in the afternoon revolving around developing a compelling storyline and netting out the value of the founders, team, technology and market impact.

Entrepreneurial Education Courses at CGHI: Georgia Bio

1. It All Starts with The Story

The most successful entrepreneurs are always the best storytellers. Finding a way to naturally formulate your company’s unique story and portraying this through multiple modalities whether it be a 1-minute elevator pitch or a 12-slide pitch deck is one of the most effective ways to get potential investors and partners on board with your value proposition. This bootcamp will cover the importance of entrepreneurial agency, finding your voice and developing a compelling narrative for the different players that will emerge along a deal chain, and language tools to refine your hook.

2. First-Time CEOs: Avoiding Pitfalls

This session will cover some of the most common pitfalls that catch first-time and serial entrepreneurs off guard. From false premise and being tentative to surrounding yourself with executives that do not have augmentative and complimentary skillsets, there are many things that can slow the growth of your early-stage life science entity. By learning how to avoid these issues and not run yourself over, your chances of making it to the market will increase greatly.

3. Branding & Messaging

Discuss the importance of preparing, planning and executing a global fundraising or licensing campaign. Learn how to position and pitch your company by telling your story and communicating effectively through a tagline, elevator pitch, tear sheet, executive summary, and slide deck.

1-1 sessions to perfect your story and marketing materials.