ISBER 2022 Annual Meeting

May 17, 2022—May 20, 2022

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Theme: Biobanking: Shaping the Scientific Journey

ISBER is excited to announce the return of the in-person international biobanking conference that is ISBER’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta, USA from May 17-20, 2022. Attendance will be in-person with the proceedings being made available as recordings for delegates for whom travel is restricted.

Join us in Atlanta, home to innovative biotechnological institutions, organizations and businesses that promote collaboration, diversity and strengthen coordination to meet both local community and global unmet needs.

Biobanking is increasingly recognized as intrinsic for accelerating the scientific journey. Join ISBER in Atlanta to help build a new understanding of the biobanking landscape and contribute to a strong vision for the future, including:

  • Challenges associated with providing sustainable, modern infrastructure
  • Building partnership across sectors, including academia, industry, and government
  • Globally available tools to innovate, learn, and inspire
  • Convergence of biology, data, digital systems and automated technologies
  • New potential applications, from novel companion diagnostics to enhancing our understanding of environmental influences

Biobanking is shaping the scientific journey in a new world. Be part of the discussion.