How to Write News Release Headlines

Aug 06, 2020 12:00PM—1:00PM




How to write news release headlines that drive results

Business Wire is pleased to offer this engaging session by award-winning writing coach, Ann Wylie, who will share her expertise in PR headline-writing best practices.

Did you know? People skim 67% of news, according to a recent Harris Poll. Just 19% read news word-by-word.

Join us Thursday, August 6, to learn to write news release headlines and other display copy to increase readership, make your message look easier to read — even get the word out to flippers and skimmers. Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize headlines for Google — and readers. Increase your search engine results page ranking with these best practices for SEO for release headlines.
  • Start strong. Take a tip from Silver Anvil winners, and put the right words at the front of your headline.
  • Use the right headline verbs. The verb is the story. So which headline verbs should you use? 
  • Pass the Goldilocks test. Write a headline that’s not too long or too short, but just right. Note: If you’re still using 65 characters, you’ve missed a couple of memos.
  • Make your press release 47% more usable by adding a few simple elements.
  • And more… Learn other PR headline-writing best practices from Ann Wylie, the author of PRSA Strategies & Tactics’ “Writing With Wylie.”

Webinar registrants will receive a discount code for Ann Wylie’s upcoming PR-writing workshop to learn more about how to write a successful news release.