GaBio Member Spotlight Webinar- Augusta

Nov 17, 2020 12:00PM



Cost Free


Join Georgia Bio for a webinar series spotlighting our members and the work they are doing to advance the life sciences industry. In this series we will spotlight our member, Augusta University.

The office of Innovation Commercialization at Augusta University is actively marketing and commercializing exciting and promising new technologies which can change the future for the better. We will hear from speakers at LSBDC Incubator Companies. Please see the list of companies and speakers below. We hope you can join us!

AUGdimer, LLC
AUGdimer is developing a diagnostic test to increase the accuracy of D-dimer blood clot detection. Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a common problem that can cause disability and death if not promptly diagnosed and effectively treated.

Camellix, LLC
Camellix is the world leader in the groundbreaking GREEN TEA/EGCG technologies for dry mouth relief, herpes treatment, and prevention of viral infection. They develop and market products with natural compounds based on scientific and clinical research with high efficacy and without side effects or environmental pollutants.

Cathaid, Inc.
Cathaid, Inc. is a medical device company that seamlessly replaces the current flawed standard of care with one simple to use device. CathaidTM gives clinicians the ability to detect positional shifts, secure the catheter, and provides a full medical seal around the entry site. These all act to safeguard the patient while adding fidelity to high risk medical catheters.

CheMedImmune, Inc.
CheMedImmune aims to develop targeted therapies to disarm tumor cell defense mechanisms (survival and immune suppression) and to arm T cells to achieve maximal efficacy in cancer immunotherapy.

Gerologix, Inc.
Gerologix is an early stage biotechnology company focused on the prevention and treatment of age-related muscle loss (sarcopenia). Their current pipeline includes small molecules that target various aspects of the kynurenine pathway, a key pathway involved in aging.

Jinfiniti Precision Medicine, Inc.
Jinfiniti Precision Medicine designs accurate and precise biomarker tests in order to provide individuals as much information about their bodies as possible so that they can monitor and improve their well-being in a data-driven way.

Targut Biotechnologies Inc.
Targut Biotechnologies Inc. develops drugs for the treatment and prevention of a spectrum of gastrointestinal disorders. Their goal is to improve the lives of patients by creating small molecules that target the cGMP pathway in the gut-lining.

Vincent Robinson, AUGdimer
Stephen Hsu, Camellix
Ward Broom, Cathaid
George Hsu, Cathaid
Kebin Liu, CheMedImmune
Mark Hamrick, Gerologix
Carlos Isales, Gerologix
Jin-Xiong She, Jinfiniti Precision Medicine
Darren Browning, Targut Biotechologies
Iryna Lebedyeva, Targut Biotechnologies