Educational Equity: Investment Not Charity

Jul 30, 2020 10:00AM—12:00PM


Health Equity:  “The Urgency of Now” is a five-part webinar series that builds on the premise that “health equity is the assurance of an opportunity for all people to achieve optimal health.”  This listening, learning, and advocacy session are designed to increase participants’ awareness and understanding of the “Vital Conditions” (aka -Social Determinants) that all people and communities need to achieve overall health and well-being.  Our speakers will focus on the civil, structural, and racial barriers, as well as potential solutions, to improve educational outcomes – particularly for those communities most affected by inequities.  Overall, the webinar series is designed to educate, inform, influence, and galvanize key stakeholders and decision-makers for needed action to advance equity in several key areas – health, education, economics, and civic engagement.

In the “Educational Equity: Investment Not Charity” webinar, Brittany Collins, Dr. Stan Sonu, and Dr. Robert A. Hahn will examine how the unequal distribution of resources has disproportionally affected the education of Black and Brown children. Our children don’t need charity. They need investments that ensure full access to an excellent education, which can lead to a healthier life.