Drug Development Boot Camp

Nov 20, 2019—Nov 21, 2019


The Harvard Club
Boston, MA

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We are pleased to announce a discount code for Georgia BIO members. Please use this code when registering to take the Drug Development Boot Camp®. A 50 USD discount will be provided off the advertised price. There is a Pre-Boot Camp preparation process that is highly beneficial to those taking the intensive two day training program in Boston. Please circulate to colleagues and subordinates.   The Georgia BIO discount code is GEORGIA BIO45987. Please insert this code at the end of your surname when you register and the discount will be awarded back to your credit or debit card after registration.

The pharmaceutical industry has its fair share of Ph.D.s, and MDs, and yet qualifications do not translate into understanding of the drug development process. In fact, even Nobel Laureate scientists can find the drug development process bewildering. 

As drug development costs increase, the process of drug development is becoming more and more complex. Those involved with the process of developing new therapeutics (drugs, devices, combination products and diagnostics) must understand the process and be able to navigate it with great skill. These skills are difficult to acquire. At the same time that the process is becoming more complex, researchers and developers are becoming more specialized. The challenge is there is a need to gain a thorough understanding of other areas of research and development in order to be effective in their own areas.

The Drug Development Boot Camp® was founded by Dr. Lorna Speid. The 2019 Boot Camp will be the tenth Drug Development Boot Camp®. The Boot Camp is a very intensive training program designed for those that have relevant experience in the research and development of New Chemical and New Biological Entities. This is a very challenging program not only because of the content, but also because of the amount that must be accomplished in two full days. Participants that complete the Boot Camp can be proud of their accomplishment and the Certificate of Completion that they have earned. 

Prospective participants are interviewed in order to find out their aspirations and goals in taking the Boot Camp. They are also given reading materials so that they can prepare for the Boot Camp. They will take a survey so that the Faculty can gain an understanding of the audience before they attend.