Discovering Emory 2020, Navigating COVID-19: Health and Social Impact

Aug 11, 2020 12:00PM—1:00PM




During this virtual forum, Emory experts will discuss their perspectives on critical health and socio-economic issues as we learn to navigate life post COVID-19, prepare to return to the workplace and discuss the social impact of the pandemic. 

Key Objectives:

  • Provide business leaders with the latest information on COVID-19 research and therapeutics from Emory experts.
  • Equip business leaders with public health tools and strategies to consider as we begin transitioning back into in the workplace.
  • Foster an honest conversation on the social and economic inequities that have come to light during the pandemic.
  • Discuss the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 and a more sustainable response to the pandemic.

The program will be as follow:

  • PANEL 1A dynamic conversation with Emory research and medical experts on the latest information regarding a potential vaccine, promising therapeutics and public health strategies on going back to the workplace. 
  • PANEL 2A candid dialogue about the social, economic and racial divides exposed by the pandemic and ways to create a sustainable response to this public crisis. 

Join us for pre- and post-event networking opportunities with other Emory corporate and community partners on LinkedIn: