Dahlonega Science Festival

Mar 06, 2020—Mar 08, 2020


Dahlonega, Georgia


The Science of Things to Come

In honor of this year’s 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing mission, our theme this year is Exploration! And we have plenty to explore! In addition to speakers, planetarium shows and panels, we have a Crime Scene, Forensics Lab, Escape Room, Discovery Center, Makers’ Fair and more.

Guest Speakers:

  • Russel Cutts, UGA Anthropologist
  • Trina Ray, NASA JPL Engineer, Cassini, Europa Lander and Voyager programs
  • Marshall Shepherd, UGA Meteorologist and media personality
  • Kim Steadman, NASA JPL Scientist, Mars 2020 Rover
  • Marianne Shockley, UGA Entomologist
  • John Wise, GA Tech Physicist
  • Larry Young, Emory University Neuroscientist