Covid 19 and Clinical Trials: Support Risk Mitigation and Recovery Plans With Data and Analytics

May 19, 2020 11:00AM—12:00PM




As COVID-19 continues to spread and countries restrict movement, the impact on clinical trials is unmistakable. New studies are being delayed, and patients already enrolled in trials are facing challenges making their scheduled visits. Sponsors and CROs are trying to assess the impact on their studies, mitigate risk, and develop recovery plans. This webinar will address key considerations for managing clinical trials during these turbulent times and will highlight how industry-wide trial metrics and analytics can support:

  • Situation tracking by geography and therapeutic area
  • Impact assessments and scenario analyses at trial and portfolio level
  • Identification of leading indicators of recovery

Featured Speaker

Jef Benbanaste

Product Lead, Intelligent Trials
Acorn AI, a Medidata Company

Jef has led the launch and commercialization of multiple analytical SaaS offerings at Medidata and currently heads Intelligent Trials. Jef has over 15 years of experience improving business processes and decision-making through the use of technology and analytics. Prior to joining Medidata, Jef led projects at AIG which applied predictive modeling and machine learning techniques to improve risk segmentation and shape business unit strategies. He has a MBA from MIT and a BS from the University of Virginia.