Nov 29, 2021—Dec 03, 2021

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Virtual business development event

We are happy to announce that our partner, Biotechgate, will run the sixth edition of their online partnering event from Nov 29 to Dec 3, 2021. Registration is already open and our members are granted FREE premium access. Simply enter the following promocode at registration or use it to upgrade later on: vv7-BDP1121-df38a61

The premium access allows having an unrestricted number of meetings, searching for assets/financing rounds/management (the partnering platform is integrated with the Biotechgate database), and making Excel download of profiles, messages & schedule.

Sign up today to:

  • Participate in secure one-to-one virtual meetings 24-hours a day
  • Attend workshops and presentations hosted by experienced industry professionals
  • Network in an informal setting with daily “pop-up coffee breaks”

Do not hesitate to contact the organizer at if you have any questions.


Biotechgate Digital Partnering is focusing on companies developing drugs, diagnostics and medical devices. The main objective of the event is to provide a platform for business development in the field of licensing and collaboration.

Below you find an overview of some of the over 3,500 delegates representing more than 2,700 participating companies that joined the last four Biotechgate Digital Partnering events. Representatives of 14 out of the top 20 big pharma companies were attending, 45% of the participants were Biotech companies. We had participants from over 60 countries with a majority being business development (40%) or CEOs (30%). There were over 4,800 meetings scheduled.

Digital Partnering

The scheduling of individual one-on-one meetings is provided by our premium partnering and matchmaking platform HelloPartnering.

  • 5 days of Digital Partnering: Contact and arrange meetings with representatives of leading companies active in the Biotech and Pharma industry. See who is attending »
  • Attend your pre-scheduled meetings via Zoom video calls. Learn more about the partnering »
  • Privacy is guaranteed: Every virtual meeting takes place in its own, secure virtual room.
Pop-up Coffee Sessions

What is the key part missing at virtual conferences? Random meetings at a social event and coffee breaks! During Biotechgate Digital Partnering, we replicate these spontaneous conversations and a chance to meet new people informally. Our coffee break and networking providers are the #Coffeebuddies, with host Prof. Tony Sedgwick, supported by the Producer Graham Combe.

  • 3 timeslots per day to accommodate all time-zones
  • Simple participation via Zoom link provided
  • Short topic discussion
  • Breaking into subgroups and changing different subgroups (moderated)
Workshops and Presentations

A variety of live workshops and presentations will be provided during Biotechgate Digital Partnering. Participation is free of charge for all attendees. You can register with one click on the agenda page, where a link to the virtual presentation will be provided.

XY Factor Competition – Sponsored by MSD

Hosted by #CoffeeBuddies and sponsored by MSD, the XY Factor is a competition where innovative R&D companies pitch their organizations to a panel of experts. Participants showcase what their company has to offer in a short presentation and are judged based on the quality of the concept, their supporting data and storytelling ability.

Two days of XY Factor presentations are taking place at the next Biotechgate Digital Partnering. Winners will be announced during the Friday pop-up coffee break.