Best practices to help meet the challenges of COVID-19: Keeping Patients Engaged During the Pandemic and Beyond presented by Google Cloud and SmartBrief

Dec 09, 2020 2:00PM—3:00PM




Keeping patients engaged in their care and keeping clinical trials operating at optimal performance are challenging even in the best of times, let alone during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Knowing which technologies, approaches, and best practices can help the most—and how to leverage them—is key. Join panelists from AdvaMed, BIO, Google Cloud Life Sciences and Roche as they discuss:

  • How digital technologies and other tools are being used to keep patients engaged in their care during the pandemic
  • Patient engagement strategies for the most vulnerable, including individuals with chronic diseases
  • The keys to maximizing technology and partnerships that will bear fruit long after the pandemic subsides
  • The significant role advocacy groups play in ensuring patients stay engaged or re-engage in care and clinical trial participation
  • How “digital twin” technologies will help clinical trials proceed efficiently and effectively when the next public health crisis hits
  • And more…