AtlantaDeepTech SOSV Deep Tech Atlanta w/ University Bioconnect SOSV Deep Tech Atlanta w/ University Bioconnect

On May 22nd, join us as we host the SOSV venture fund.

HAX is the startup development program in Newark, NJ that venture fund SOSV operates to support hard tech founders working on health and climate startups. Join us to meet Dr. Susan Schofer, HAX Chief Science Officer and SOSV Partner, Andy Gollach, SOSV Partner, Dr. Sabriya Stukes, who is the Chief Science Officer and SOSV partner at HAX’s NYC-based sister organization, IndieBio, which specializes in biotech startups.

​We hope to see a great collection of students, engineers, scientists, climate leaders and others for drinks, snacks, and light programming. The HAX team is especially eager to meet grad students and post docs with ideas for hard tech startups!
​SOSV is coming to Atlanta May 22nd looking forward to a fantastic evening of conversations with the great organization University Bioconnect.

SOSV is a multi-stage, global venture firm that specializes in deep tech for human and planetary health. We are the most active investor globally in climate, ag, food, and decarb tech as well as a top investor in many health categories. We start investing at pre-seed in our startup development programs HAX and IndieBio and continue in later rounds. Our specialty is working 1:1 in our well-staffed and equipped facilities with scientists and advanced technologists to make their visions into breakthrough companies that make the world a better place. If that’s who you are — or who you would like to be!