Improving Delivery of Combination Therapies to Treat Cancers

Our new Biotechnology: Beyond Imagination feature highlights Jazz Pharmaceuticals, a global biopharmaceutical company with a focus on oncology, including hematologic and solid tumors and in neuroscience. The company’s EVP of research and Development will appear on today’s BIO Digital panel session entitled Advancing Rare Disease Diagnosis and Drug Development Through Partnership.

Beyond Imagination Member Spotlight: Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally – with 1 in 6 deaths resulting from the disease. The complexity, variety and number of different cancers call for more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Some cancers are more difficult to treat because cells use multiple pathways to grow and can resist treatment.

Combination therapies, using two or more drugs to target the cancer cells, have shown great promise in treating cancers, but delivering these therapies safely and effectively can be a challenge.

To improve delivery of combination therapies, Jazz Pharmaceuticals developed its CombiPlex® technology.

How it Works

The CombiPlex platform evaluates the most effective ratios of drug combinations to attack the tumor. It combines the ideal combination of drugs with a small scale (nanoparticle) delivery system to target tumor tissues or cells. The nanoparticle delivery system keeps the drugs from being broken down. This helps deliver the drug combination over a prolonged period of time and may limit the impact on normal, healthy tissue.

The CombiPlex platform makes it possible to move combination therapies to clinical trials faster than the traditional combination development processes. This allows the possibility of bringing new, more effective therapy combinations to patients more quickly.

With the hope of improving treatment options for patients, Jazz is currently evaluating oncology combinations to identify potential options for patients with solid tumors and hematological malignancies.

BIO supports the work of Jazz to find innovative new ways to provide treatment options to cancer patients.

Registered attendees of BIO Digital can attend the June 9 session Advancing Rare Disease Diagnosis and Drug Development Through Partnership, featuring Dr. Robert Iannone, executive vice president, research and development of Jazz Pharmaceuticals. Attendees can also connect with companies like Jazz through BIO’s One-on-One Partnering™ system, educational programming and company presentations.

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