How has COVID-19 changed healthcare’s appetite for buying medical devices

This week’s DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast examines medtech’s readiness for the next COVID-19 surge.

Hospitals are ready, but their appetite for expensive medical devices has changed, forcing medtech companies to change how they sell or lose out entirely.

Justin Cassidy and Henry Soch of Vizient reveal why hospital executives are forced to divert funds away from new devices. They also explain how the power structure in capital purchases is shifting away from technology committees, creating a new challenge for medtech sales teams.

Kaila Krum, managing director of Truist Securities, explains how companies like Stryker, Zimmer Biomet and Globus are successfully putting units in hospitals. She confirms medtech companies are being forced to evolve the way they work with hospitals.

In the 2-minute-DeTalks, product development leader, podcast and president of Delve Inc., Dave Franchino explains how the company helps clients find the best solution to vexing problem.

Explorer Surgical CEO Jennifer Fried makes the case for how her innovative start-ups tech company’s will not only connect surgeons with remote sales reps but also giving a broader view of how successful teams function.

Chris Newmarker, executive editor of MassDevice, reveals his #NewmarkersNewsmakers highlighting contributions by AbbottStryker, Joe Biden, and EU-MDR.

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