January 13 - 14, 2020

Volunteer Helper Sign-up

Interested in becoming a Teacher Helper at the symposium? Fill out the registration page to the right. Not sure? Read more below. Additional volunteer opportunities will be posted closer to the symposium.

Visit the link below to learn more about the training schedule:

Volunteer Information

We are in need of volunteers to serve as "Teacher Helpers" during the training. We would like graduate students or professionals who are working in biosciences and are familiar with molecular techniques, microbiology, and/or environmental sampling to assist our Master Teachers with delivering lessons to their group of 8 participant teachers. We would like you to serve as an extra authority on the techniques being performed and as an extra set of hands and eyes to help out with the experiments.

Volunteering as a Teacher Helper will also serve as an opportunity to interact with middle and high school teachers to understand their struggles with implementing labs in their classroom. This would be an ideal fit for anyone thinking of pursuing a career in science education or outreach.

Volunteer perks:

  • You will receive meals on the day that you volunteer.
  • You will receive swag including a t-shirt.
  • You can network with teachers and professionals from industry
  • Day 1 volunteers can attend the Industry Fair to learn more about companies in Georgia.


The tracks for the symposium are:

  • Agricultural and Environmental Biology
  • Cell Manufacturing and Industrial Manufacturing
  • Research and Development
  • Medical

Lab activities within each track will be delivered in the context of that topic. You will also learn about skills needed in that industry and discuss how to implement them into your existing class activities.

Symposium Details (See Training Schedule link above for exact times): 

  • Day One The first day of the symposium will include an "Industry Fair" where participants will visit and network with employees from life sciences companies across Georgia to learn about the skills required in their jobs and their personal experiences with working in industry. Participants will then break into their assigned cohorts with their Master Teacher to begin laboratory activities that incorporate life science skills and engage students in real-world science.
  • Day Two The second day of the symposium will be laboratory-intensive, with up to three new laboratory activities being introduced. Participants will also spend time with their cohort brainstorming how to incorporate industry’s desired skills into their preexisting classroom activities, and to come up with an action plan for implementation of new material in their own classes. The day will end with participants picking up laboratory supplies to take back to their classrooms for use with the new activities.


Spread the word!

The training is open to 7th-12th grade educators in rural schools who want to prepare their students for careers in Georgia's thriving life science industry. Download a shareable PDF flyer to the right!

For more information about volunteering at the symposium, contact Program Director, Kristin Boscan at kboscan@gabio.org