Developing Cell Therapies to Treat the Rarest of Diseases

Our next post in the Biotechnology: Beyond Imagination series highlights MaxCyte and the cell therapy technology the company has developed for researchers to accelerate, streamline and improve the drug development process.

Beyond Imagination Member Spotlight: MaxCyte

About half of the 300 million people who live with a rare disease, like autoimmune disorders and cancers, do not have any treatment options. Cell therapy – where engineered cells capable of treating diseases are injected directly into a patient – is one promising approach.

But with that promise comes a challenge. How can scientists work with different cell types and sizes without disturbing them?

That’s where MaxCyte comes in. The company developed its cell-engineering technology so biopharmaceutical researchers can work with nearly all cell types to improve the drug development process – including efficiency, efficacy and speed.

MaxCyte’s ExPERT™️ technology works with nearly all cell types, with any molecule, at any scale. It allows for consistency, minimal cell disturbance and the ability to scale up quickly.

This technology may help scientists and researchers find potential treatments for rare diseases – changing treatments and hopefully, changing lives.

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