Danimer Scientific breaks ground, new facility will create biodegradable material

Gov. Brian Kemp made a stop in Southwest Georgia for Danimer Scientific’s groundbreaking ceremony in Bainbridge.

It’s a $700 million dollar expansion.

The company is a leading developer and manufacturer of biodegradable materials.

The new plant will be a 2,000,000-square-foot facility. Officials say it’s the largest plant that will make polyhydroxyalkanoate, a biodegradable plastic that goes away in the ocean, backyard, or landfill.

Danimer Scientific creates compostable products used in industries like food packaging, bottling, and more.

The company works with brands like Nestle and Pepsi.

They’re currently partnered with Mars-Wrigley, focused on developing new packaging for some of your favorite candies, like Skittles.

It will be the brand’s first product to use the new packaging.

The company is not only helping the environment but also bringing more jobs to the area.

“When I tell people, when we’re interviewing people, and they say ‘what do you think about the company?’ I say you have to become a part of this. Where else can you make good money and actually make a difference and change the world, we do that every day. We are leading the way here with Danimer in this community, leading the way worldwide for biodegradable plastic,” said Michael Smith, Chief Operating Officer.

Bringing fulfilling careers to the area and making a difference by eliminating plastic waste.

Danimer Scientific will be nearly quadrupling their workforce, adding 400 new jobs. All ranging in technical positions, production, maintenance, and management.

“It’s so important. Most of us are outdoors people. We are walking through the wood, fishing and we see plastic, it just breaks our hearts because plastic does not go away. It’s going to be around forever, so it’s very important for us to create a solution for plastic doesn’t end up in the ocean,” said Smith.

Chief Operating Officer Michael Smith, says by 2050, it’s estimated there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

He says the company is working to make a difference, help the environment and change the world, leading the way for biodegradable plastic.

The site is estimated to be completed by late summer 2023.

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