COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Framework Released by CGHI, Charles River Associates

ATLANTA — The Center for Global Health Innovation (CGHI) has collaborated with Kirsten Axelsen and Rajini Jayasuriya of Charles River Associates (CRA) to co-develop an economic framework for vaccine distribution in efforts to combat the global pandemic due to COVID-19.The Vaccine Economics and Equity Group (VEEG) partnership between CGHI and CRA built the framework for decisionmakers to bridge the gap between health, health equity and economics — adding to the significant efforts by other global and public health experts on identifying a strategy for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

“This report creates a new field for the academic and public health study of health economics,” Dr. Russell Medford, Chairman of the Board at CGHI states. “It is imperative that we put this new field in motion in order to get society back to normal. This is how we must do it — by identifying socioeconomic disadvantages that impact the community.”

“The framework constructed by CGHI and CRA, as part of the Global Health Crisis Coordination Center’s three-pronged vaccine project, is a weapon for decisionmakers today. It has direct economic impact, referencing key issues to address over coming months, and defining vaccine distribution strategies that can lead us towards a revolutionary new normal.” Maria Thacker Goethe, President and CEO of CGHI comments.

“This pandemic puts health and wellbeing at risk not just from transmission of the disease but also due to the impact on particular sectors, for example, access to caregivers, and the impact on economic activity and the corresponding loss of income. It is therefore important that vaccines allocation frameworks prioritize those at highest risk of mortality and in the front line of health care provision, but also prioritizes economic activity, focusing on people in roles that require proximity, in roles that allow others to work, and in roles that create a significant number of jobs” said Kirsten Axelsen, Charles River Associates.

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