Challenges and Opportunities in Biotech PR: Actionable Advice from Industry Leaders

Business Wire has published a white paper that shares the expertise from veteran biotech communicators as they discuss best practices and challenges of this highly regulated and technical industry.

Here are the highlights:

  1. Compliance doesn’t cancel creativity – Look for opportunities to incorporate multimedia to generate more interest around your content.
  2. A simpler story sells – Conveying the “hope without the hype” and being mindful that the content being shared is relevant can make a journalist’s jobs easier.
  3. Boost viewer engagement with a visual story – Visual aids can create a different way for readers to understand what differentiates a company from others in the market.
  4. Be prepared – Setting up a communications calendar as far out as a year in advance can help get a jump on release and disclosure needs.
  5. Use metrics to drive better messaging – Decide what measurements are most meaningful for the organization, particularly if you have limited resources.

You can download the rest of the white paper here!