Careers in life sciences video interview: Meet Chris Sweat, Quality Control Supervisor at Dendreon

Enjoy this brief interview with Chris Sweat, Quality Control Supervisor at Dendreon. Sweat graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Dendreon is a commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company and a pioneer in the development of immunotherapy.

In his interview, Sweat discusses the day-to-day responsibilities of his job (ensures the safety of Dendreon products and environments) and what drew him to biology:

“I enjoy biology because it’s more of an art. You have to be curious and always asking why⁠—why things are the way they are.”

The advice Sweat would give to young aspiring scientists is:

“Learn to be detail-oriented at an early age. It’s hard to learn than at a later age…Take classes that will broaden your horizons. Be curious.”

A big thank you to Chris Sweat for participating in our “Careers in Life Sciences” series, and thank you to Dendreon. We at Georgia Bio are proud of the work they do to make Georgia a leader in the biosciences industry.

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