Cambium Co-Founders Receive “Start-Up of the Year” Award From Emory University’s Office of Tech Transfer

Approval in 2021 to begin Phase III studies on Elate Ocular® Biologic for Dry Eye Major Milestone Supporting Award

Cambium Medical Technologies, a clinical stage company developing novel processed allogeneic platelets for therapeutic applications, announced today two co-founders were awarded “Start-Up of the Year” by Emory University’s Office of Technology Transfer. The award was one of several presented to active Emory clinicians/faculty at OTT’s Annual Celebration of Technology and Innovation. Receiving the award in recognition of their work for Cambium in 2021 were Dr. Edmund Waller, MD, PhD, and Dr. John Roback, MD, PhD. 

Cambium received regulatory notice in 2021 it could begin Phase III studies on its novel Elate Ocular® biologic for dry eye–a major milestone supporting this award. These studies will begin following close of the Company’s Series B syndicate, well underway. Cambium completed a Phase I/II study assessing safety and exploratory efficacy of its novel biologic for patients with dry eye disease secondary to ocular Graft vs Host Disease (oGvHD) in 2020/21. Study results indicated Elate Ocular® biologic as safe, well tolerated and with positive symptoms efficacy. The company obtained Orphan Drug Designation from the FDA for its biologic eye drop for oGvHD in 2020. 

About Cambium Medical Technologies:

Founded in 2013 by four distinguished physician/faculty at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia (USA)—Cambium is focused on the development of regenerative therapies through novel processed allogeneic human platelets.  The Company’s first FDA-approved therapy is targeted to be Elate Ocular®, a topical biologic eye drop for dry eye disease (keratoconjunctivis sicca or KCS).  Elate Ocular® contains Aurarix®, Cambium’s novel processed biologic [fibrinogen depleted human platelet lysate].  Cambium’s Aurarix® contains over 30 key nutritive/regenerative components documented important to corneal health, present in platelets as well as healthy tear film.  Elate Ocular® remains on track to become the first approved, standardized, enriched, cGMP processed, allogeneic (donor sourced) vs autologous (patient sourced) and reimbursed serum drop for severe/chronic dry eye.  The Company’s first commercial product of its biologic is UltraGro™ stem cell growth supplement–sold worldwide since 2015 by Cambium’s strategic partner Zheng Yang Biomedical Technology LTD (“ZYBT”) Taipei, Taiwan via a sub-license. 

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About Emory University Office of Technology Transfer:

Emory University’s Office of Technology Transfer has more than 30 years of success in guiding scientific discoveries from the laboratory into the marketplace. Emory currently manages more than 1,800 technologies, which has led to the formation of 119 companies and more than 64 new products in the marketplace, some of which — like the discovery of several HIV drugs — have offered major health and societal benefit. Since FY 2000, the university has filed over 3,200 patent applications and been issued over 600 U.S. patents. In that time, Emory has executed more than 750 license agreements, resulting in more than $884 million in licensing revenue, thereby creating additional funding for new and ongoing research.

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