Biotech Leader Rachel King Explains Why Congress Should Reject H.R. 3 & Support Holistic Approach for Lowering Drug Costs

Rachel King, co-founder and CEO of GlycoMimetics, explains in a new video the important work her research team is doing to develop new treatments for patients with various diseases of the blood. Mrs. King explains why the U.S. leads the world in biomedical discovery and why Speaker Pelosi’s drug pricing plan (H.R. 3) would lead to fewer new treatments for patients. Her concerns were recently echoed by more than 135 biotech leaders who urged congressional leaders to “abandon H.R. 3” and “pursue bipartisan, holistic policies that modernize our health care payment system and lower drug costs for patients.”

“That’s the biggest consequence that I’m afraid about with H.R. 3. It’s the importation of these price controls from other countries that could potentially negatively impact this real innovation machine that we have in the United States that’s been so successful. … We want both the innovation and the access to innovation, and I think we can accomplish both of those, but not through importing price controls.”

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