Bayer in St. Louis adds medical face shields to its production line

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – The Bayer Corporation in St. Louis is getting into the personal protection equipment market in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, as the division that produces agricultural products is now making face shields for healthcare workers.

Engineers and designers at Bayer’s Technical Discovery Center in Chesterfield are making quick work in filling a desperate need.

“We were able to put in motion together and in place and I was able to get approval very quickly and, within two or three days, we started printing the visors,” said Chet Barber, manager of the Technical Discovery Center.

3D printers are being used to manufacture face shields that provide an extra barrier between healthcare workers and the droplets from a cough or sneeze that spread the deadly disease. Barber got the ball rolling after he saw a news conference where a company called Stratasys committed to producing face shields to help alleviate the shortage.

“So what we are able to produce is 100 to 200 per day per day. Now we’re looking at 500 per day,” Barber said.

At 100 to a box, the shields can be packed flat and the two-piece shield assembled in just minutes. Barber said first responders across the county and locally are interested.

“I know for a fact that the Antonia Fire Department received an order or sent and order in and they should be receiving their first shipment very soon,” he said. “You know, in this unique time of chaos, it’s great to be part of the solution and although it’s a small part, it’s still helping out and that’s what we strive for at Bayer daily.”

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