Amazon hiring an additional 75,000 workers to meet demand during coronavirus pandemic

Amazon isn’t done hiring in its bid to meet demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

The online retailing giant added 100,000 workers it said it needed last month to assist with online deliveries across the U.S. as shoppers seeking to stay at home during the pandemic bought more online.

Now Amazon says it has another 75,000 full-time and part-time jobs needing to be filled.

“We continue to see increased demand as our teams support their communities, and are going to continue to hire, creating an additional 75,000 jobs to help serve customers during this unprecedented time,” the company said Monday in a post on its COVID-19 blog.

The jobs include warehouse, shopper and delivery jobs across the U.S. Amazon also increased minimum pay on jobs by $2 per hour through April.

Some jobs can be temporary, to help workers whose current employers have cut jobs because of the pandemic.

“We know many people have been economically impacted as jobs in areas like hospitality, restaurants and travel are lost or furloughed as part of this crisis, and we welcome anyone out of work to join us at Amazon until things return to normal and their past employer is able to bring them back,” the company says.

Those interested in applying can do so at

Earlier this month, Amazon says it began issuing face masks to employees and giving them temperature checks as protective measures. Amazon also last week said it would begin working toward testing of all of its employees.

Those changes came after some Amazon workers expressed concerns about company shortcomings in keeping employees safe. Workers continue to need more protection, says Dania Rajendra, director of Athena, a coalition of local and national organizations representing workers, small businesses, people of color and immigrants.

“Even as thousands of new workers come into Amazon warehouses, the workers who are there now are scared for their lives and furious that the company hasn’t done enough to protect the public,” Rajendra said in a statement.

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