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Stephanie and Christopher’s Story: Rare Disease and Medical Nutrition

February 28, 2022

Any parent would agree that having a child changes your world forever. Yet, having a child with a rare disease throws you not only into the role of parent but also advocate, educator, researcher, and medical provider. Those with rare diseases, and the guardians’ that care for them, have different perspectives on the world. We…

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Nathan’s Story: VCP Disease and the need for a Rare Disease Advisory Council in Georgia

February 28, 2022

Since I was a freshman at Georgia Tech, I have had a clock ticking in my head.  Since my mother presented symptoms of the VCP gene mutation, I had grown up knowing that a rare disease existed in my family and that there was a 50% chance that I might get it as an adult…

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American Red Cross: Celebrate Black History Month by Participating in a ‘Sleeves Up’ Campaign

February 7, 2022

February is Black History Month – a time to honor the significant achievements of Black Americans while making an impact today. This year’s theme focuses on the importance of Black health and wellness. The American Red Cross is honoring the legacy of Dr. Charles Drew, an African American surgeon, and researcher who pioneered new methods for…

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Alzheimer’s patient groups protest U.S. Medicare coverage proposal limiting use of new drugs

January 24, 2022

Alzheimer’s patient groups, disappointed by Medicare’s plan to sharply limit coverage of new drugs for the brain-wasting disease, are planning publicity and lobbying campaigns to protest a proposal they say could delay their use for 10 years. “Congress has to know how bad this will be for patients,” said John Dwyer, president of Global Alzheimer’s…

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Patient’s Corner: Living with Chronic Illness Vol. 3

October 4, 2021

By Dorothy Leone-Glasser Breast cancer survivors face many challenges while going through treatment and in post treatment.  They experience a wide range of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain. There are lingering side effects to treatment that are long term and can be hard to manage. Many times, the fear of what will happen is overwhelming.  Cancer…

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Patient’s Corner: Living with Chronic Illness Vol. 2

September 13, 2021

By Dorothy Leone-Glasser I met Mapillar Dahn and the MTS Sickle Cell Foundation, Inc. at our Rx in Reach GA Coalition Capitol Day. She was excited to participate in our event and had a table set to distribute Sickle Cell Awareness material and to engage visitors, attendees and legislators on the challenges of living with…

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Patient’s Corner: Living with Chronic Illness Vol. 1

June 22, 2021

By Dorothy Leon-Glasser Chronic illness is a disease, condition, or injury that can last years or a lifetime and is typically not curable.  In some cases, it may go into remission, however for most patients it is a lifetime journey.  It can vary in its severity, with some people able to work and live a somewhat…

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Georgia Made Medical Manufacturing Act Signed Into Law

May 25, 2021

On Tuesday, May 4th, Governor Kemp signed Senate Bill 6 into law. SB 6 contains language for the Georgia Made Medical Manufacturing Act, which allows for an additional $1250 tax credit for all new jobs engaged with pharmaceutical and medical supply/device manufacturing. Language for the GMMMA was previously included on several pieces of legislation but…

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Letter to Governor Kemp on Vaccines for Essential Workers

December 17, 2020

Earlier this week, Georgia Bio sent a letter to Governor Kemp requesting that the state consider certain biotechnology industry personnel who reside and/or work in Georgia to be considered as essential workers slated to receive a COVID-19 vaccine during the early phases of immunization. Specifically, we requested that workers involved in research, development, manufacturing and…

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7.23.2020. Cornerstone Government Affairs COVID-19 Legislative Update

July 24, 2020

LegislationSupplemental IVTimeline: After a couple fire drills between the White House and Senate Republicans, Leader McConnell said on the Senate floor today that Republicans will be releasing the bill early next week. He indicated that various Senate Chairs and other senators will be introducing their portions of the bill on Monday. McConnell had planned to…

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