Jayne Morgan, M.D.

Dr. Morgan edited

Cardiologist and Clinical Director, Covid Task Force, Piedmont Healthcare Corporation

Jayne Morgan, M.D. is a Cardiologist and the Clinical Director of the Covid Task Force at the Piedmont Healthcare Corporation in Atlanta, GA.  Within this role she is developing ongoing community outreach in conjunction with the Division of Diversity and Inclusion between Piedmont and the African American community it serves.  Additionally, Dr. Morgan will be analyzing the science and data from Piedmont and nationally, surrounding the disproportionately negative impact of Covid-19 on minority communities.  Ultimately, the goal is to identify methods, as well as areas of improved triage, screening, and algorithms for the overall outcomes management of disadvantaged populations positive for Covid19.

Previously, Dr. Morgan was the Director of Innovation at Piedmont Healthcare, Inc. where she set the vision, trajectory, and strategic scaling opportunities, as well as seeking key partnerships and stakeholders to progress these goals.  In doing so, the program recognized close to a 50% success rate (national average is less than 10%) following the addition of an external investment of $23,000,000.00 for one project within the Accelerator, and the signing of the first ever licensing contract from an external stakeholder for yet another project.

Prior to this role, Dr. Morgan served as the Director of Cardiovascular Research and Research Development also at Piedmont Healthcare, where she had responsibility for the strategic growth of the Piedmont Research Institute, the development of the long range strategic vision for research programs across all medical specialties, and contract negotiations for all new partners. Additionally, she implemented a new business model focused on system integration, contracts, staff re-alignments in concert with the clinical model of the hospital, portfolio diversification, and strategic growth realizing steadily increasing revenue earnings that have continued to this day. While in this role, she both expanded research to other hospital facilities, and began the first Feasibility Program which has served as the nidus via which Piedmont has been able to reach worldwide status within Structural and Valvular Heart, including the #1 Center in the United States for transcatheter tricuspid therapy.

Moreover, Dr. Morgan has served as the Chief Medical Officer of the American Chemistry Council (where she developed a new translational research program), CEO of Forty Million Beats, LLC - with clients such as Novartis and Abbott - working directly with the Structural Heart Division as well as direct focus on improved minority recruitment into trials respectively, the World Wide Director of the Cardiorenal Drug Development program at Solvay Pharmaceuticals, and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Morgan currently serves as the President Elect of the Southeastern Life Sciences Association (single largest biotech association in the Southeast), Co-Chair of the Health and Human Services Conference 2021, Founding Board Member of MedTech Women, Co-Chair of the BioScience Leadership Council at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Board Member of the American Heart Association/Atlanta Chapter, Board Member of the national Diversity and Inclusion team at the American Heart Association, the National Board Member of The American Heart Association Technology Team, the Regional Board Member of The American Heart Association Health Equity Committee, Board Member at Botanical Sciences, and is an active member of BioMed Investors Network.

Dr. Morgan is a native Atlantan and completed her B.S. degree at Spelman College (Atlanta, GA), Medical Degree at Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI), Internal Medicine Residency at George Washington University (Washington, D.C.), and both her Cardiology and Pacemaker Fellowships at Mount Sinai Medical Center (Miami, Fl).