16 Medtech Companies with Innovations Centered Around COVID-19

Late last month, MedTech Innovator in partnership with BARDA held an online event to hear pitches from start-up companies developing technologies related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  MedTech Innovator matches healthcare industry leaders with innovative early-stage and emerging growth medtech companies for mentorship and support. Here is the list of 16 companies that have technologies set to make a difference in the COVID-19 public health crisis. 

Abreos Biosciences

Abreos Biosciences has developed the “Have I Had It” COVID-19 Quantitative Test. The San Diego, CA-based company said the point-of-care test detects antibodies to COVID-19 in 15 minutes with improved accuracy over current diagnostics.

Aidar Health

Baltimore, MD-based Aidar Health’s Mouth Lab is a non-invasive at-home device measuring >10 health parameters in 30 seconds for proactive monitoring and prediction. Sensor data is sent in real-time using LTE-M (4G) directly or via Bluetooth to our secure HIPAA compliant cloud. Data can then be accessed through a physician triage portal, which allows for timely intervention for patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infections.


Amp3d said CoMET is a decision support system that detects deteriorating patients, predicting the major complications of COVID-19, particularly respiratory failure and sepsis in emergency departments, wards, and ICUs — as many as 12 hours before crises become clinically evident. CoMET’s dynamic measures of patient stability can enable clinicians to identify patients at rising risk when the interventions can most help, ranking patients in order of predicted illness severity and trajectories.

Bardy Diagnostics

Bardy Diagnostics has developed the CAM Patch, a disposable ECG monitor that can remotely monitor life-threatening QT prolongation in COVID-19 patients using hydroxychloroquine. The company recently received CE mark for a 14-day version of the technology. 

Circadia Health 

Circadia said its C100 Contactless Monitoring System is used for the remote monitoring for the early detection of respiratory failure. 

Flosonics Medical 

The company said FloPatch is a wireless wearable Doppler ultrasound monitor specifically built to reduce the risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS, e.g. secondary to COVID-19); minimize time on a mechanical ventilator; and get patients out of the ICU faster.

GNA Biosolutions

The company has a pair of devices that target COVID-19 patient detection.  The GNA Neo is a portable molecular diagnostic system comprised of an instrument and disposable test chips. The system amplifies and detects genetic material and can be used to test eight samples at a time. Neo can provide analysis within 15 to 25 minutes while the patient waits for results. 

The firm’s GNA Nano A miniaturized disposable molecular diagnostic system. Nano amplifies and detects genetic material and can be used to test one patient sample at a time, or parallelized with the addition of a modular base station for multiple samples. Nano can provide a fast sample-to-answer molecular test to detect infectious diseases, with results in as little as 10 to 20 minutes. 


Inflammatix has developed rapid tests that read the immune response to bring precision medicine to the point-of-care. 

mOm Incubators 

The firm has developed what it calls a cost-effective, collapsible, and lightweight neonatal incubator. On its website, the company offers to help with isolation, escalation, and contingency plans for the management of babies during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Patch’d said its Covidikit allows discharged COVID-19 patients to share pulse, SPO2, and temperature with clinicians. The firm said it ships both devices and apps. 

Potrero Medical

Potrero Medical said Accuryn transforms any foley catheter into an AI-powered system that protects the kidney. With COVID-19, clinicians are running patients dry to keep fluid out of the lungs but wet enough to keep organs perfused. Accurate urine output is incredibly important.

ICU teams with Accuryn do not have to enter the room every hour to ‘milk the drainage line’ and measure hourly Urine Output. Over the past month, the firm said it has been installing  Accuryn devices in many ICUs where they are currently supporting COVID-19 patients and reducing clinician exposure.


The Imnmunix COVID-19 solution is a precision medicine platform that rapidly identifies patients who most critically need treatment. Chicago,IL-based Prenosis developed the device. 

RizLab Health

RizLab has developed the CytoTracker. The firm said the device brings hematology analysis from the bench to the patient’s fingertips.

Sentinel Biosensor

Sentinel Biosensor has developed C-Detect V1.0, a Wearable, autonomous vital signs monitors with local AI detecting deterioration at an early stage. Alert status is triggered from known COVID-19 thresholds on respiration rate, heart-rate, temp, and SPO2 every 10 min 24×7 for 7 days on one charge.

Spry Health 

Spry Health has developed the Loop Signal. It is prescribed to at-risk patients to track vital signals that are critical to assessing the risk and progression of COVID-19 (heart rate, SpO2, respiratory rate). The physiological collected by the wearable throughout the day is analyzed in Loop Analytics to pinpoint signs of deterioration.


Thorasys has developed, tremoflo,  a portable device to detect and monitor obstructive lung diseases with little patient effort. 

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